Burner Sequencer BC300

The BC300 is a simple burner sequencer for industrial burners in thermal process plants. Designed for burners of all sizes, it can be used on continuous or intermittent operation applications. Control output can be single stage or two stage, with pneumatic or in cycle modulation. Flame monitoring can be ionization with single or twin electrode operation, UV tube, or F152 with FFS07 or FFS08 optical sensors. BC300 is suitable for process application temperatures higher than 1382 degrees F. A comprehensive list of approvals ensures the BC300 is suitable for worldwide combustion applications.

User interface UI300 is easy to understand with its language-neutral information display.

Changes can be made on-site with the Lamtec LSB remote software.

Storage for the last 10 fault/diagnostic errors are held for easy troubleshooting information.

Technical Data

Tech data for BC300 lists

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Technical Data:

Power Supply:
230V +10/-15% 47-63 Hz
115V +10/-15% 47-63 Hz (on request)
Maximum pre-fuse:
10A slow-blow
Power Consumption:
Max. 30 VA
Digital Signal inputs:
Max line length 10 m
Max line length 20 m for the following signals:
Safety interlock chain for boiler
Burner ON
Digital Outputs:
2 fuel valves max. 1 A cos ȹ 0.4
Relay for electrode operation max. 1 A cos ȹ 0.4
Combustion air valve max. 2 A cos ȹ 0.4
Operating message max. 2 A cos ȹ 0.4
Ignition Transformer max. 2 A cos ȹ 0.2
Alarm output max. 1 A cos ȹ 0.3

999 digit. 10 bit

Fieldbus coupling (optional):

Polycarbonate + ABS

Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm)(in):
200 x 115 x 61, 7.87 x 4.52 x 2.40
Weight (kg)(lb):
1.0, 2.20

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