Lamtec Efficiency Monitoring Systems


LT3-F, for failsafe Lamtec CO/O2 regulation (SIL 2)

  • Display of O2 and COe measured values
  • Calibration of measurements
  • Up to 1200 °C flue gas temperatures
  • COe measurement not influenced by ingress air
Technical Data
Housing: Mounting house of sheet steel
Protection class: IP54 with display
Dimensions (HxWxD): 300 x 300 x 120 mm
Weight: Approx. 6 kg
Ambient temperature operation: -20 °C ... +60 °C
Ambient temperature transport and storage: -20 °C ... +70 °C
Power supply: 120 VAC ... 230 VAC, 50 ... 60 Hz
Power consumption:

Typically 30 W

Maximum 69 W

Range of measuring: O2: 0 ... 21 Vol. % (configurable)
COe: 0 ... 10.000 ppm (configurable)
Resolution: O2: 0,1 Vol. %
COe: 1 ppm
Analogue, digital Inputs/Outputs: See download area (technical data LT3-F)
Measuring probe: See selection criteria


EC type-examination certificate:

  • DIN EN 16340:2014-10
  • DIN EN 13611:2011-12
  • DIN EN 60730-1:2012-10

SIL 2 Confirmation:

  • DIN EN 61508 part 1-7
  • DIN EN 16340

EC-declaration of conformity:

  • 2009/142/EC (Gas Appliance Directive)
  • 2014/35/EU (Low Voltage Directive)
  • 2014/30/EU (EMC Directive)



SIL2 capable measuring system LT3-F (electronics) and KS1D (sensor) as a system component of the CO/O2 regulation. Usable only in connection with BT300/ETAMATIC/FMS/VMS. The Lambda Transmitter LT3-F is an electronic evaluation device, that was developed for the continuous measurement of O2 concentration and the oxidizing flue gas particles (CO/H2) in the super-stichiometric range in connection with the combination probe KS1D.  

Permissible fuels:

  • Residue free gaseous hydrocarbons (SIL 2 capable)
  • Domestic fuel (SIL 2 capable)
  • Lignite/coal (not SIL 2 capable)
  • Biomass (wood) (not SIL 2 capable)

Direct measurement in ‘combustible gases’ are not possible.

Selection Criteria

IP54 with display


Housing and typeDisplay and operation
Wall mounting housingLSB remote software for PC, incl. USB/CAN module and connecting cable, from Windows XP


Options via additional modules:
Analogue outputs
Digital outputs
Digital inputs
Efficiency calculation


KS1D combination probe
(sensor only, without housing)
KS1D combination probe
with housing, MEV and SEA
KS1D-HT combination probe
with flue gas bypass tube
Information Brochure

Lambda Transmitter LT1 (SIL 1)

  • High-end O2 measuring
  • Fully automatic calibration with ambient air
  • Applicable up to 1400 °C
  • TUV approval for emission monitoring
  • Easy to use and low-maintenance
Technical Data


±0,2 Vol. % O2 after balancing on air value 21 % O2
(with Lambda-probe LS1)

Setting time:

<20 s on  90 % of final value (T90)
(with Lambda probe LS1 type 650 R 0001 and 450 mm MEV)

Failure impact
Deviation by temperature

1 % of measurement value / 10 K housing temperature Lambda probe LS1,
temperature compensation optional

Failure impact
Deviation by pressure

1,3 % of measurement value / 10 mbar pressure change / pressure compensation optional

Ambient temperature
- operation
- transport and storage



Supply voltage

230V AC and 115 V AC
+10% / -15%, 48Hz...62Hz
To be used in grounded network lines only!


0,01% over the whole range

Time for being ready with LS1

1...2 hours after "POWER ON"


SIL 1 Confirmation:

  • DIN EN 61508:2011, part 1-7

The LT1 is an universal useable, microprocessor-based O2 analyser for direct measurement of O2 concentration of gases in hyperstoichiometric ranges ( λ >1). In connection with the Lambda probe LS1 it can be used in:

  • Combustion exhaust gases
  • Industry exhaust gases
  • Oven atmospheres
  • Process gases


  • Linear probe signal (D/C [mA] with fixed physical zero-point
  • No special test gases needed, automatic calibration with ambient air (21 Vol. % O2)
  • Preciseness of measurement better than 0,2 Vol. % O2 over the whole range of measuring 0 ... 21 Vol. % O2
  • No gas conditioning needed
  • No reference gas needed
  • Setting time <20 s on 90%-value (T90) with gas extraction device (GED) , 450 mm long
  • No influence of measuring temperature on preciseness of measuring
  • No temperature control of ZrO2-measuring cell needed
  • Automatic adaptation of cell temperature on cell internal resistance (Compensation of aging)
  • Measuring gas temperature up to 800 °C with metal extraction or up to
  • 1.400 °C with ceramic extraction
  • Means no ignition source inside flue gas channel – TUV approval existing
  • Intermittent operated measuring gas pump with definition of optimal pump running time
  • Easy to handle
  • Low-maintenance
Selection Criteria

Housings and types

Display and operation


Wall mounting housing


Gas extraction device (GED) 

19“ panel installation housing

Remote display

Gas extraction heating

Mounting plates

Interface modules RS232 / RS422

Probe-installation-fitting (PIF)


Extensions for probe connection cable


Outside-isolation / Flange seal etc.

The Lambda Transmitter LT1 comes in various types according to it’s functionality and it’s areas of use. In cooperation with you, we can offer you a fitted solution according to your application and requirements. Our sales team is looking forward to your inquiry.


Lambda Transmitter LT2

  • Universal O2 measuring
  • Semi- and fully automatic calibration
  • Applicable up to 450 °C
  • Detection of CO/H2 (COequivalent)
  • O2 control integrated
Technical Data

Measuring accuracy
(with Lambda Probe LS2)

+/- 10% of measured value
Max. +/-0,3% by vol. O2

Settling time (90% time)

T90 < 15s

Ambient temperature
- Operation
- Transport and storage



Power supply

230 V AC und 115 V AC
+10% / -15%, 48 Hz...62Hz

Power consumption

Typically 50 VA, short-term 150 VA (probe heating-up phase)

Time for operational status
to be achieved with

Approx. 10 minutes after "POWER ON"


The LT2 Lambda transmitter is a universal, microprocessor based O2 measuring instrument for the direct measurement of O2 concentration in exhaust gases from oil and gas combustion facilities in the superstoichiometric domain ( λ >1), in conjunction with the LS2 Lambda probe.

Optionally, the KS1D combination probe can be activated to record combustible gas components (CO/H2) - see separate publication. It is possible to set up direct coupling with the compound/firing management system and ETAMATIC. This allows the implementation of an improved control procedure for optimising oil and gas combustion facilities, and for automatic combustion system tuning to variable combustion conditions.

In addition to O2 measurement, the LT2 Lambda transmitter also offers the following functions:

  • Measurement of flue gas and air temperature intake, and calculation of combustion efficiency
  • Detection of unburnt residue (CO/H2), shown as CO equivalent (COe)
  • Calculation and display of CO2 concentration
  • Load-dependent and fuel-specific boundary curves / limit values
  • O2-regulation
  • Combustion chamber pressure regulation
  • Field bus connection
Selection Criteria

Housings and types

Display and operation


Wall mounting housing

LCD graphic display

Housing heating

Panel installation

Maintenance switches and 2 LED lines with 6 LED's each

Purge unit
(Option to clean pre-filters of probe with pressure air from inside to outsite)

Sheet metal mounting plates

Remote display software

CO/O2 monitoring and control

Pump for reference air

Information Brochure

Lambda Transmitter LT3

  • Combined O2 and CO/H2 measuring
  • Measuring directly inside flue gas
  • Applicable up to 1200 °C
  • Independent of infiltrated air (COe)
  • Ex design
LT3 LS2 pic
Technical Data

Measuring range :

O2: 0-21 % (configurable)
COe: 1ppm in CO range 0...10.000 ppm (configurable)


Sheet steel

Protection type following  DIN 40050

IP66, without display
IP54, with embedded start-up assistant inside front door

Dimensions (HxBxT) mm

300 x 300 x 120


Grey, RAL 7035


Appr. 6kg

Ambient temperature

-5 °C ... + 60 °C

Ambient temperature
transport and storage:

-20 °C ... + 70 °C

Power supply:

120 VAC / -30%...230 VAC / +10%, 50...60Hz

Power consumption:

30W (normal operation)
69W (heating)

Resolution O2:

0-21 % (configurable)

Resolution COe:

1 ppm in CO range 0...1000 ppm

Preciseness of measuring:
(with combination probe KS1D)

O2:   ±5% of measurement value 
(max ± 0,3 Vol. % O2)
COe:  ±25% of measurement value
(not better than +/- 20 ppm after prior calibration for application conditions with a CO-reference measuring)

Setting time (60 % time):

O2:   T 60 < 10 s
COe: T 60 < 2 s

Time for readiness
with KS1D (cold start-up)

Appr. 10min after „POWER ON“
(Initial start-up appr. 60min)

Analogue output, via analogue output module:

Analogue output  1 (O2 measurement value)
- Range of setting:   0…25 % O2
- Factory setting 0…10 Vol.% O2 -> 4…20 mA
Analogue output 2 (CO-measurement value)
-  Range of setting: 0…1000 ppm
- Factory setting 0…1000 ppm -> 4…20 mA

Digital outputs
via digital output module:


Control element:

Integrated LT3 User Interface with LCD-graphic display 45x27 mm (BxH)
External start-up assistant with LCD-graphic display 60x32 mm (BxH) (Option)


LAMTEC System Bus (LSB)


The Lambda transmitter LT3 in connection with the combination probe KS1D is developed for simultaneous measurement of O2 concentration and oxidizing gas elements (CO/H2), displayed as COequivalent in exhaust gases of combustion plants within hyperstoichiometric ranges (λ > 1).

The display and handling of the LT3 is managed via user interface inside the front door (belongs to standard delivery), with the following functions:

  • Display of O2 and COe measurement values
  • Password entry
  • Informationen about probe and fuel, for warnings and failures, for software versions, CRC and serial number
  • Calibration of measurement
  • Setup (maintenance, filter time, analogue output, probe exchange, display)
Selection Criteria

Housings and types

Display and operation


Wall mounting housing

Optional user interface inside front-door

Probe installation fitting (PIF)


Start-up assistent in german / english or french language

Gas extraction device (GED)


LSB Remote software for PC

Outside-isolation / Flange blankets

Information Brochure